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Nick Lowe

Mim Udovitch


Also not long ago, he made a million-plus in royalties when Curtis Stigers covered one of his songs on the soundtrack for The Bodyguard. (His songs have also been covered by artists as various as Rod Stewart and Johnny Cash, who is his former stepfather-in-law.) He says he spent the Stigers money financing his last U.S. tour and buying a couple shirts, and it seems characteristically ingenuous both that he would say this and that he would do it.

"Because he's not an arrogant bastard," says Elvis Costello, when asked why Lowe's career hasn't been more traditionally rewarded. "I've been telling Nick he was great for years, since I was a punk. Literally a punk — not a punk as you think of, with spiky hair, but just a kid walking about like, 'Ello, mister, you're in a band. Ow do you do that then?' But just being a real person, it isn't natural to want to go out there telling everyone what's what. It isn't his style. You just have to dig his mood, as the record says."

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Esquire, July 1998

Mim Udovitch's profile of Nick Lowe includes a quote by EC.


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