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Everybody's Dummy



Live At The El Mocambo / Live At Hollywood High

Elvis Costello & The Attractions


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Live At The El Mocambo 3½ star (of 5) reviews3½ star (of 5) reviews3½ star (of 5) reviews3½ star (of 5) reviews3½ star (of 5) reviews
Live At Hollywood High 4-star (of 5) reviews4-star (of 5) reviews4-star (of 5) reviews4-star (of 5) reviews4-star (of 5) reviews

Shortly before the worldwide release of his second album, Elvis and his recently acquired Attractions performed a fast 'n sweaty gig at the same Toronto club that had featured the Rolling Stones just a year before. Live At The El Mocambo was then released as a promo album, and promptly bootlegged.

It's a great snapshot of the band on their second North American tour, plowing through songs familiar and unfamiliar to a rowdy club crowd. You can hear Elvis baiting the audience, demanding repeatedly that they "stand up." The songs have been transformed from their guises on My Aim Is True into a sound all their own. "Less Than Zero" even gets a new set of lyrics to reflect the mistaken assumption that the Oswald in the song was the surname of Lee Harvey.

Some fifteen years later, it got its first official release, somewhat, as part of a box set on Rykodisc, alongside his first three albums. (Those buying the three individually could collect coupons from each and get their copy that way.) In a packaging decision sure to excite those of us who notice such things, the title was listed on the spine and the disc itself as Live At El Mocambo.

When Rhino got a hold of the catalog in 2000, the album was pointedly left out, with the exception of "Less Than Zero" being added to My Aim Is True, making the Ryko version a collector's item.

Then, at the end of the decade, Hip-O's version of the catalog initially eschewed any kind of bonus tracks on the albums, except for the Deluxe Editions of the first two albums. Two years after those landed with a resounding thud, the label initiated a series of stand-alone live albums under the banner "The Costello Show." The first release? Live At The El Mocambo, complete with the missing article restored to the spine.

Much more interesting was the second installment in the series, which arrived a few months later. Live At Hollywood High presented the full concert that had previously been a bonus EP in the original Armed Forces package. Those three tracks were included on the Ryko reissue, expanded to nine songs on the Rhino version. In the absence of a Deluxe Edition of Armed Forces, for which this would have been a strong candidate, at least they found a way to let us hear the whole thing.

Starting with a piano-and-vocal performance of the recently written "Accidents Will Happen," the band gallops into place for "Mystery Dance." Only three months after the El Mocambo performance, there have already been changes to the set. Working versions of "Goon Squad" and "Party Girl" are already pretty tight, and a very non-country take of "Stranger In The House" adds some more variety. And of course, it's nice to have an Attractions version of "Alison." Overall, the performance is tighter — and probably more sober — than in Toronto, with Elvis interacting with a giddy high school crowd.

It's a good show, but admittedly, overkill, as it makes a total of three concert releases covering the same three-month period. It remains to be seen if the "Costello Show" live series will continue.

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Everybody's Dummy, June 30, 2010

Wardo reviews Live At The El Mocambo and Live At Hollywood High.


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