Finger Lake Times, May 11, 1978

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This Year's Model

Elvis Costello

Robert Hilburn / Los Angeles Times

With his horn-rimmed glasses and mild-mannered reporter appearance, Costello doesn't look much like a rock star. But his music is right in step with the classic rock pulse. His vocals bristle with a conviction and bile that we rarely find in rock in the '70s. Thanks to crisper production touches, Model — with its tales of frustration and desire — is even more potent than last year's solid My Aim is True. There's a sensual urgency to "Pump it Up" that should make the song a show-stopper live, and Costello's taunting "Radio, Radio" is a call to arms that deserves the cheers of anyone who is disillusioned with the dreariness of Top 40 radio.


Finger Lake Times, May 11, 1978

Robert Hilburn reviews This Year's Model and Nick Lowe's Pure Pop For Now People.


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Pure Pop For Now People

Nick Lowe

Robert Hilburn / Los Angeles Times

This album is so much fun that I've listened to it more than anything else on the list. There's an innocence and intelligence here that parallels the late Gram Parsons' work with the Flying Burrito Brothers. There's also a strong sense of clashing cultures. Where Parsons mixed what once seemed incompatible country and rock elements, Lowe merges lightweight pop strains with wry rock sensibilities in records that can be enjoyed on both the simplest and most sophisticated levels. The tracks are uneven, but the best reflect a delight with the record-making process that is hard to resist.

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