Forbidden Nights

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Why did you kiss me with all of your might?
Why did the stars shine oh so bright?
Why did you have to baby look so fine
When you knew all along you could never be mine?
It was the light in your eyes
That made me realize
It was one of those
Forbidden nights

I tried to resist for oh so long
You tried hard to tell me it was wrong
But my body was hungry I could not get enough
But my soul was finally satisfied
With the redemption of your love
But don't mention the thrill
'Cause I'm weakening still
It was one of those
Forbidden nights

Avert your eyes
And look away
Or we might get caught in the light of day
Turn your cheek
Never ever dare to speak
Never thought I'd be one of those
Hiding in the shadows

I smile as I gather all that's left of my pride
I laugh though I'm dying deep inside
Once again I'll pretend as I go to bed tonight
I'll wake up in the morning with you by my side

I feel lower than the ground
When they say you can't hang around
One day we'll stand tall
And love will overcome it all
I'll laugh at the slight
That a woman didn't have the right
To be dreaming of
Forbidden nights
Forbidden nights
I will always remember forbidden nights
I will always remember forbidden nights
I will always remember forbidden nights

Forbidden Nights
Written byElvis Costello

 This song is unreleased by Elvis Costello.
First known performance:
October 12, 2015, Late Show With Stephen Colbert - sung by Darlene Love, EC on guitar
Last known performance:
October 18, 2017, New York, NY
     (4 known performances)

Darlene Love version

Performed byDarlene Love
Produced bySteven Van Zandt
MusiciansDarlene Love - lead vocal
Ula Hedwig, Milton Vann, Baritone Williams - backing vocals
Rich Mercurio - drums
Bobby Bandiera, Nathan Larson - guitars
Lee Nadel - bass
Adam Schlesinger - B3, piano
Steve Elson - baritone sax
Antoine Silverman, Sean Carney, Mario Gotoh, Rachel Golub, Francesca Dardani, Maxim Mosten, Erin Benim, Monica Davis, Emily Bruskin, Robin Braun, Christopher Cardona, Keats Dieffenbach, Entcho Todoroy, Sarah Whitney - violins
Jonathan Dinklage, Hiroki Taguchi, Yuko Naito, Whitney LaGrange, Todd Low - violas
Stephanie Cummins, Anja Wood - cellos
ReleasedSeptember 18, 2015
AlbumsDarlene Love: Introducing Darlene Love, 2015

Introducing Darlene Love album cover.jpg

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