G.B.H.: Original Music From The Channel Four Series

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Original Music From The Channel Four Series
GBH album cover.jpg
television soundtrack by
Elvis Costello & Richard Harvey
ReleasedJuly 1991
ProducerRichard Harvey, Elvis Costello, Austin Ince
LabelDemon Soundtracks, Rykodisc (reissue)
CD back cover and disc.

1991 soundtrack for the TV series G.B.H. features music composed by Elvis Costello and Richard Harvey.


Side two
Title Length
1. "....So I Used Five!"   1:28
2. Love From A Cold Land   2:28
3. In A Cemetery Garden   1:58
4. "Smack 'Im!"   2:16
5. Woodlands - "Oh Joy!"   3:46
6. "It's Cold Up There"   2:53
7. Going Home Service   5:06
8. Grave Music   2:30
9. The Puppet Masters' Work   4:11
10. "He's So Easy"   1:58
11. Another Time, Another Place   2:02
12. Closing Titles   2:33



  • Music recorded between February 1991 and May 1991 at Snake Ranch Studios, Chelsea and C.T.S. Wembley with varying sized orchestras but featuring the following musicians:
David Woodcock - violin
Roger Chase - viola
Stephen Tees - viola
Levine Andrade - viola
Andrew Brown - viola
Anthony Pleeth - cello
Chris Laurence - double bass
Robin McGee - double bass
Paul Cullington - double bass
Andy Findon - flute, baritone sax
Tom Kelly - clarinet, bass clarinet
Frank Lloyd - horn
Hugh Seenan - horn
Peter Davies - trombone
Dudley Bright - trombone
David Purser - trombone
Ron Aspery - sax
Richard Harvey - keyboards
Nick Glennie-Smith - keyboards

Liner notes

LP back cover and CD notes

Someone is out to get Michael Murray (Robert Lindsay). He is the top man in town, champion of the oppressed, chaser of women, and the new leader of the city. Michael Murray is popular, powerful and ambitious - the local politician who knows what it's like to be hated, and who needs to be loved. His hunger for power leads him to play for higher stakes.

He calls a 24-hour protest strike hoping to generate publicity. No one goes to work that day except for one man - Jim Nelson (Michael Palin), the much-loved headmaster of a school for disturbed children. He steals the limelight from Michael Murray and becomes the hero of the day.

Michael Murray seeks revenge against Jim Nelson. Jim starts to crack under the strain. Murray, too, is plagued by doubts and anxieties, haunted by the ghosts of his own childhood. Just when the pressure of public life and power games starts to get on top of him, a beautiful woman arrives on the scene ...

  • Director: Robert Young
  • Producers: Verity Lambert, David Jones, Alan Bleasdale (GBH Films Ltd)
  • Photography: Sophie Baker
  • GBH logo design: Debbie Mendoza
  • Design: Michael Krage

Release info

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1991-07-__ LP Demon Soundtrack DSLP 4
1991-07-__ MC Demon Soundtrack DSCASS 4
1991-07-__ CD Demon Soundtrack DSCD 4
19__-__-__ CD Demon Soundtrack MSIF 3370 Japan
1994-09-05 CD Rykodisc RCD 20284

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