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GQ Germany
  • 2002 June
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GQ Questionnaire

Elvis Costello
Life writes the best stories, and he sets them to music.
Like on his new album.


English translation by Evelyne Gerstenberger.

Q: Your current frame of mind?
A: Absolutely clear-headed and - not bad - in the best of health.

Q: When are you feeling happy?
A: Actually, I'm always happy, but I'm happiest in the future.

Q: If time were money: how would you spend it?
A: With unlimited credit line.

Q: Which talent would you like to have?
A: It would be nice to just float through space, without car, train or plane. And of course, I'd like to put music down without having to write notation first.

Q: Which phrase do you use regularly?
A: You know...

Q: With whom would you like to have a talk one day?
A: With all those I didn't pay in advance.

Q: With whom would you like to have a drink?
A: I don't drink and therefore I don't have Ernest Hemingway fantasies.

Q: What do you like about men?
A: Discretion.

Q: What do you like about women?
A: Being lecherous and having a sense of shame at the same time.

Q: How would you spend a day as a woman?
A: I'd run from the men.

Q: What's your secret vice?
A: I don't have one, all my vices are public.

Q: What should a man never give up?
A: Working on himself.

Q: What's better than sex?
A: There's nothing better than sex.

Q: Your greatest flamboyance?
A: Go listen to my albums!

Q: What do you dislike about your appearance?
A: My big nose.

Q: What do you dislike about other's appearances?
A: There's nothing bothering me with other people. Except they have hairs growing inside their skull.

Q: What do you fear?
A: Height in general. Although I conquered my fear of flying, I still suffer from vertigo, and I suffer excruciatingly.

Q: What's your favourite destination?
A: There's two. Because I like Ethiopian music I once travelled to the Ethiopian town of Aksum. And second: a cruise through the Beagle Canal in Tiega del Fuego. But I also like to go back home.

Q: Which ritual is important to you?
A: To choose the right socks in the morning.

Q: What's the colour of your socks?
A: Yellow.

Q: At which opportunity do you lie?
A: When I have to answer questions like these.

Q: Do you suffer from disabilities?
A: I suffer from my bad eyesight.

Q: Which dream would you like to fulfill?
A: I never dream, and in any case, I can't remember anything.

Q: How would you like to be reborn?
A: I don't think I'll be back.

Q: What would you have on your gravestone?
A: Here lies a songwriter.

Info: Elvis Costello, born in London in 1954 as Declan MacManus, is one of the founders of the New Wave movement and still counts among the most intelligent and original songwriters in pop music. The man with the Buddy Holly glasses said of his new album "When I Was Cruel": "After all those ballads I was keen on something raunchy.


GQ Germany, June 2002

GQ Germany interviews Elvis Costello.


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