Gavin Report, January 22, 1993

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Gavin Report


The Juliet Letters

Elvis Costello & The Brodsky String Quartet

Kent Zimmerman

The Juliet Letters is a unique collaboration based on a series of correspondences between a professor in Verona who answered letters addressed to the imaginary Juliet Capulet. Born out of mutual admiration, the Elvis Costello/ Brodsky Quartet connection has resulted in the members attending each other's live performances. Costello's background is obvious — he's a musician known for drifting from genre to genre. Brodsky Quartet are illustrious in their own right, having performed in 30 countries over 20 years, and collaborated with Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. While the majority of The Juliet Letters may be a bit erudite for pop airplay, trax like "I Almost Had A Weakness" and "Jacksons, Monk and Rowe" will give your listeners a taste of what Costello is up to these days.


The Gavin Report, January 22, 1993

Kent Zimmerman reviews The Juliet Letters.


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