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Costello sale mix-up results in confusion

Jay Vogel

Due to a mix-up between the Student Entertainment Commission (S.E.C.) and Cellar Door Productions, tickets for the upcoming Elvis Costello conert were in short supply according to S.E.C. Concert director Elaine Bizzaro.

The majority of Elvis Costello tickets went on sale to the general public a week before they became available to GU students, because of what Bizarro termed a "communication screw-up" between the two parties.

Costello tickets went on sale in the city Monday, Feb. 5. The S.E.C. received their tickets the next day, Tuesday, 6, and promised inquirers that tickets would go on sale the next morning.

That night, however, the SEC, fearing the sale of Elvis Costello tickets would overshadow the sale of tickets to the recent Muddy Waters concert, decided to postpone ticket sales until Monday, February 12. Many students did not hear of the decision, however. "Some kids were here at the crack of dawn, and worked like hell to get here," Bizarro said. "It wasn't their fault because they were told over the phone tickets would go on sale Wednesday." As a result the best seats SEC had were reserved for the 187 inconvenienced students.

The remainder of the tickets, rows "A"-"K" went to Cellar Door Productions. "We have no control over which tickets we receive," claimed SEC member John Farley. "We have a standard agreement with Cellar Door; Every concert includes a section on how tickets are to be dispersed. Bizzaro is more optimistic for the future, however: "It looks like we could come up with an agreement where we could sell tickets two days-to-a-week ahead of the time they go on sale to the public."


The Hoya, February 15, 1979

Jay Vogel reports on ticket sales for the Elvis Costello concert, Friday, April 6, 1979, McDonough Arena, Georgetown University, Washington.


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