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Costello: Unpredictable music man

Kevin Lievsay

Anyone who says that Elvis Costello's musical style is predictable, as I have heard more than once, must not as yet have had the opportunity to hear his latest: Imperial Bedroom.

If diversity was Costello's goal upon creation of this album, he gets an A plus. Each song carries the listener from the depths of tranquility to unexceeded highs and back again.

The song "The Long Honeymoon" incorporates such instruments as an accordion, a piano and a soft horn section into a slow, melodic tune that sounds as if it came out of a little smoke-filled bar somewhere in Germany.

The next cut on the album, "Man Out of Time," returns to the more recognizable Elvis Costello: keyboards, guitar and a good beat.

Costello shows his individual talent with "Almost Blue." The cut is all piano and vocals, both being mastered by Costello. And still another track, "And in Every Home," is fully orchestrated.

Costello writes all of the music and Chris Difford writes the lyrics. The band, known as The Attractions, features Bruce Thomas on bass, Steve Hart on the piano and Pete Thomas on the drums.

One interesting note about Imperial Bedroom. Many of the songs end on an arbitrary note. It's as if Costello forgot to include endings on his compositions. But this album most definitely reflects the inner Elvis Costello.


The George-Anne, December 2, 1982

Kevin Lievsay reviews Imperial Bedroom.


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