Glasgow Herald, January 20, 1979

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Glasgow Herald

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Armed Forces

Elvis Costello

John Linklater

The brilliance of this third album from Costello lies in the consistency of the melodies — direct inventive, and unforgettable. They have the curious ability to work on first hearing and to keep working again and again: one of the hallmarks of great rock.

Only two years ago My Aim Is True was acclaimed as one of the best debut albums released by a British performer, yet Costello continues to develop. Armed Forces sees the strongest marriage to date with producer Nick Lowe and the vastly talented Attractions.

The influences can be traced back to the ‘60s when the melodic side of rock always mattered. On this album echoes of the Beatles and the Kinks are clearly recognisable.

His slightly whining voice provides a perfect foil to the "rightness" of the music. He promises to do for adenoids what his image has already done for horn-rimmed glasses.


The Glasgow Herald, January 20, 1979

John Linklater reviews Armed Forces.


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