Goldmine, November 7, 1986

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Elvis Goes To Paris... And The Attractions Don't

Elvis Costello

Jeff Tamarkin

As the title implies, this is Elvis on his own, all acoustic and recorded during his 1984 tour minus the Attractions. There are a few cuts here with fellow Coward Brother T-Bone Burnett, including a hysterical version of the Scott McKenzie hit "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)," and a charming and faithful take on the Beatles' "Baby's In Black." But, largely, this is the moody balladeer Costello, and Side One, especially, is almost morose in its quietness as Costello runs through the likes of "Pills And Soap" and "Almost Blue." But "Allison," medleyed into Hank Williams' "You Win Again," is exquisite, and collectors can froth at the mouth knowing that the LP contains some 10 tracks which have yet to appear on an EC LP.

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Goldmine, No. 164, November 7, 1986

Jeff Tamarkin reviews Elvis Goes To Paris... And The Attractions Don't (Troubador's bootleg).


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