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Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello aiming for Broadway

Associated Press

TV stars to create musical based on’ 1998 album Painted From Memory

One of television’s most successful comedy writers is joining with Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello to create a musical based on the artists’ 1998 album “Painted From Memory.”

Bacharach said Tuesday that Chuck Lorre, creator of “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory,” contacted him and said he wanted to write a story to go with the music.

The dark and lush album was an unusual collaboration between a pop classicist and an Englishman who usually traffics in rock ‘n’ roll. They earned a Grammy for one of its songs, “I Still Have That Other Girl.” Other songs on the disc include “God Give Me Strength” and “This House is Empty Now.”

Given the songs’ subject matter, Bacharach said the show “won’t be a comedy.” He declined to give details of the story Lorre was writing for the musical. They’re hoping the show makes it to Broadway.

Costello said he and Bacharach are writing additional music for the show.

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Gulf News, May 8, 2013

Gulf News reports on the development of Painted From Memory as a Broadway musical.


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