High Fidelity, January 1979

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High Fidelity

US music magazines


Critics' Choice '78

High Fidelity

Album of the Year

1st place  Warren Zevon: Excitable Boy (Asylum)
2nd place   Elvis Costello: This Year's Model (Columbia)
3rd place  Rolling Stones: Some Girls (Rolling Stones/Atlantic)

Best Pop Album

1st  Nick Lowe: Pure Pop for Now People (Columbia)
2nd   Willie Nelson: Stardust (Columbia)
3rd  Gerry Rafferty: City to City (United Artists)

Best Rock & Roll Album

1st  Rolling Stones: Some Girls (Rolling Stones/Atlantic)
2nd   Elvis Costello: This Year's Model (Columbia)
3rd  The Who: Who Are You? (MCA)

Best Country Album

1st  Willie Nelson: Stardust (Columbia)
2nd   Jerry Lee Lewis: Keeps Rockin' (Mercury)
3rd  Marshall Chapman: Jaded Virgin (Epic)

Best R&B Album

1st  The Staples: Unlock Your Mind (Warner Bros.)
2nd   Village People: Macho Man (Casablanca)
3rd  Johnny Guitar Watson: Funk Beyond the Call of Duty (DJM)

Best Fusion/Latin Album

1st  Egberto Gismonti: Sol do meio Dia (ECM)
2nd   Eddie Palmieri: Lucumi Macumba Voodoo (Epic)

Best Contemporary Jazz Album

1st  Weather Report: Mr. Gone (ARC/Columbia)
2nd   Keith Jarrett: Bop-Be (A 13C/ Impulse)

Best Classic Jazz Album

1st  Joe Venuti: Violin Jazz (Yazoo)
2nd   Teddi King: Lovers & Losers(Audiophile)

Best Off-the-Beaten Path Albums (LPs that are highly unlikely to race up the charts but deserve to outlive what will)

  • Little Walter: Blue and Lonesome (Le Roi du Blues). N.T.
  • Dead Boys: We Have Come for Your Children (Sire). T.G.
  • Ken Bloom: Ken Bloom (Flying Fish). T.E.
  • Wire: Pink Flag (Capitol). K.T.
  • Rank Strangers: Rank Strangers (Pacific Arts). S.S.
  • Inez Andrews: Chapter Five (ABC/ Songbird). K.E.
  • Nimrod Workman & Phyllis Boyens: Passing Through the Garden (June Appal). J.S.R.
  • Teddi King: Lovers & Losers (Audiophile) J.S.W.
  • Oliver Lake: Life Dance of Is (Novus). D.H.
  • Carol Douglas: Burnin' (Midsong). S.E.

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High Fidelity, January 1979

Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe place in the 1978 critics poll.


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