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Hit Parader

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My Aim Is True

Elvis Costello

James Spina

This particular column has gone through so many concept changes that I don't really know where or how to begin.

First I was going to devote the entire space to The Rolling Stones' Love You Live but I then wrote a rave review of it in my pop/rock column for WWD and now I feel drained of all emotions concerning this powerful double disc. So can I get off the hook by just saying that it is an incredible slice of life proving that The Stones are every bit as valid as they were 14 years ago? The music deserves listening and not reams of copy so get it if you haven't already.

Next I must make an exception. Since I am leaving for England in two days I had decided to cool it on imported records for this month. God knows you will be filled with my finds from endless record hunting when I'm in London. But how do I put off writing about this Elvis Costello record, My Aim Is True, when I have been anticipating its arrival from Jem Records for over two months already? Elvis' music is unbelievable. Stiff Records has a huge star on its hands and I hope they have the pull to pull it off.

Many of the songs have this ironic loser's streak running through them that immediately finds company in the recesses of your very own intra-entanglements. His voice has a nasty R&B edge that has some people making comparisons to Graham Parker and Bruce Springsteen but I think those touchtones are too limiting. Costello has much more warmth to his tone and his sentiments are more inward than streetwise wordy. He looks well walked on and quite harmless, but his talent incorporates those traits into an intimate charisma that forces me to concede this as the record of the month and a "must purchase" on your part. I got mine from Jem (P.O. Box 362, South Plainfield, N.J. 07080). Well worth it.

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Hit Parader, March 1978

James Spina reviews My Aim Is True.

Rock & Roll Hotline reports on Elvis Costello performing outside the CBS Records convention, Tuesday, July 26, 1977, Hilton Hotel, London, England.


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Elvis Costello

Rock & Roll Hotline

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What started out as a stunt in front of London's Hilton Hotel during the CBS Records' convention in July ended up with CBS signing Elvis Costello.

Elvis Costello was "performing" with a tiny amp attached to his shoulder in front of the Hilton and wouldn't leave, according to Stiff Records' Jake Riviera, until CBS president Walter Yetnikoff came downstairs to see him. Friends persuaded Yetnikoff to come and have a look at Elvis, and photos taken of them together, before Elvis was carted away by police, resulted in a front cover of London's music weekly, Melody Maker.

Now it all has a happy ending, for CBS has finalized a deal to release Elvis' records in this country very soon.

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