Hot Press, February 5, 1982

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Hot Press

UK & Ireland magazines


A tale of two gigs

Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Royal Albert Hall, London  /  National Stadium, Dublin

Neil McCormick

The gently anarchic hum of the orchestra tuning up,

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Hot Press, February 5 - 18, 1982

Neil McCormick reviews Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Thursday, January 7, Royal Albert Hall, London (with the RPO), and Wednesday, January 13, National Stadium, Dublin.

Ross Fitzsimons reports on BP Fallon's interview with Elvis Costello.


1982-02-05 Hot Press clipping 01.jpg 1982-02-05 Hot Press photo 01 ch.jpg
Photo by Colm Henry.

The ballad of E.C. and B.P.

Ross Fitzsimons

Mr. Fallon confronts Mr. Costello. Ringside report by Ross Fitzsimons.

1982-02-05 Hot Press clipping 02.jpg

On the face of it, you couldn't imagine two more more different characters than Elvis Costello and BP Fallon.


Photo by Steve Nieve.
1982-02-05 Hot Press photo 02 sn.jpg

1982-02-05 Hot Press cover.jpg 1982-02-05 Hot Press clipping 03.jpg
Cover and clipping.


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