Howard Tate: Rediscovered

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Howard Tate Rediscovered album cover.jpg
Studio album by
Howard Tate
ProducerJerry Ragovoy
LabelPrivate Music

2003 album by Howard Tate includes "Either Side Of The Same Town," co-written by Elvis Costello and Jerry Ragovoy.


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Mama Was Right  Jerry Ragovoy 3:50
2. Show Me The Man  Jerry Ragovoy 3:58
3. Organic Love (100% Natural)  Judy Barron, Jerry Ragovoy 4:05
4. Sorry Wrong Number  Jerry Ragovoy, Peter Udell 2:38
5. Either Side Of The Same Town  Elvis Costello & Jerry Ragovoy 3:42
6. All I Know Is The Way I Feel  Estelle Levitt, Jerry Ragovoy 5:25
7. Don't Compromise Yourself  Jerry Ragovoy 4:20
8. Don't Need No Monkey On My Back  Jerry Ragovoy 4:02
9. She May Be White (But She Be Funky)  Jerry Ragovoy 3:29
10. Kiss  Prince 4:26
11. Eternity  Howard Tate 4:18
12. Get It While You Can  Jerry Ragovoy, Mort Shuman 3:52

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