I'm A Mess

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I'm a mess
I should be filling rooms
with the sweet smell of success
I'm a mess, look at what I've been reduced to
I don't blame you for saying no
when you should have answered "yes"
But darling, darling, darling,
look at me now
I'm a mess

I'm a mess, I'm a wreck, I'm really on the deck
I'm a mess, look at how I'm living
Some of these days I'm gonna get back on my feet
and quit this blue address
But darling, darling, darling,
look at me now,
I'm a mess

The smart set I used to run around with
are invisible now
They all cut me loose when one said that
what I've got might just rub off on them somehow
I'm a mess for want of your caress
Darling, darling look at me now, I'm a mess

I'm A Mess (unreleased cover)
Written byNick Lowe
Performed byElvis Costello with Nick Lowe, Bill Kirchen, Bob Andrews, Derek Huston, Ruth Davies & Paul Revelli (2010-10-01 early & late shows)
Elvis Costello solo (2010-2011)

First known performance:
October 1, 2010, San Francisco, CA, early show
Last known performance:
November 12, 2011, Oslo, Norway
     (8 known performances)

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