I Want To Vanish

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I want to vanish
This is my fondest wish
To go where I cannot be captured
Laid on a decorated dish
Even in splendor this curious fate
Is more than I care to surrender
Now it's too late

Whether in wonder or indecent haste
You arrange the mirrors and the spools
To snare the rare and precious jewels
That were only made of paste

If you should stumble upon my last remark
I'm crying in the wilderness
I'm trying my best to make it dark
How can I tell you I'm rarer than most
I'm certain as a lost dog
Pondering a sign post

(Repeat Chorus)

I want to vanish
This is my last request
I've given you the awful truth
Now give me my rest

I Want To Vanish
Written byElvis Costello
Performed byElvis Costello & Steve Nieve featuring The Brodsky Quartet
Produced byGeoff Emerick & Elvis Costello
Arranged byElvis Costello & Steve Nieve
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocal
Steve Nieve - grand piano
Michael Thomas - violin
Ian Belton - violin
Paul Cassidy - viola
Jacqueline Thomas - violoncello
Roy Babbington - double bass
Ruth Causey - Bb clarinet
Pete Whyman - bass clarinet
RecordedAugust-September 1995, Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
February 1996, Westside Studios, London
ReleasedMay 13, 1996
AlbumsAll This Useless Beauty, 1996
CollectionsExtreme Honey: The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. Years, 1997
Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album, 2015
PromosSelections From My Aim Is True, Spike, And All This Useless Beauty, 2001

First known performance:
November 25, 1994, London, England
Last known performance:
March 2, 2017, Stavanger, Norway
     (44 known performances)

Alternate versions

I Want To Vanish (Live 1996)
Performed byCostello & Nieve
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocal, guitar
Steve Nieve - piano
RecordedMay 22, 1996, New York, NY
ReleasedDecember 3, 1996
AlbumsCostello & Nieve, 1996
PromosLive At The Supper Club, New York, 1996

I Want To Vanish (For The Stars version)
Performed byAnne Sofie von Otter meets Elvis Costello
Produced byElvis Costello
Arranged byElvis Costello & the Ensemble
MusiciansAnne Sofie von Otter - vocal
Bebe Risenfors - clarinet, accordion
Svante Henryson - cello
Mats Schubert - piano
Johan Lindström - electric guitar
Magnus Persson - vibraphone
Michael Blair - percussion
RecordedFebruary 2000-January 2001, Atlantis Grammophon AB, Stockholm and/or Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin and/or Westside Studios, London
ReleasedMarch 19, 2001
AlbumsFor The Stars, 2001
In My Element, 2008
All This Useless BeautyAll This Useless Beauty album cover.jpg

Costello & NieveCostello & Nieve album cover.jpg

Extreme Honey: The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. YearsExtreme Honey album cover.jpg

For The StarsFor The Stars album cover.jpg

Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack AlbumUnfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album album cover.jpg


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