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Photo sessions

		1977, Less Than Zero and Alison photo session, Chris Gabrin
			Less Than Zero UK 7" single front sleeve.jpg1977-04-23 Record World photo 01 cg.jpg1977-03-26 New Musical Express photo 01.jpgAlison Germany 7" single front sleeve.jpg 

		1977, My Aim Is True photo session, Keith Morris
			MAIT UK initial album cover large.jpg2003-01-00 Uncut photo 01 km.jpg 

		1977, Attractions photo session, Chris Gabrin
			1977-07-30 New Musical Express photo 01 cg.jpg1977-08-06 Sounds photo 03 cg.jpg2007-09 Bass Player magazine Elvis Bruce Pete Steve promo pic.jpg 

		1977, Huizen, Netherlands, Barry Schultz
			1986-03-00 Musician photo 07 bs.jpg1978-02-00 Creem photo 01 bs.jpg1980-06-00 Stereo Review photo 01 bs.jpg1983-01-00 Il Mucchio Selvaggio photo 01 bs.jpg

		1977, Stiffs Tour, Chris Gabrin
			x80px1977-09-03 Melody Maker cover photo.jpg1977-09-03 Sounds photo 01 cg.jpgStiffs Live Stiffs album cover.jpg1978 Live Stiffs poster.jpg 

		1977, This Year's Model, Chris Gabrin
			This Year's Model album cover.jpg(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea UK 7" single front sleeve.jpg

		1978, Armed Forces, Brian Griffin
			1979-12-27 Rolling Stone photo 01 bg.jpg

		1979, Chicago, Get Happy!!, Keith Morris
			Get Happy!! album cover.jpg1980-12-00 Creem photo 01 km.jpg1980-10-05 Orange County Register photo 01 km.jpg2003-10-00 Uncut photo 01.jpg2002-05-23 Las Vegas Weekly photo 01 km.jpg 

		1980, Taking Liberties, Brian Griffin
			Taking Liberties back.jpgTaking Liberties album cover.jpg

		1981, Trust, Chalkie Davies
			Trust album cover.jpg1981 Trust poster color small.jpg1981-01-22 Smash Hits page 07.jpg1994-07-00 Spy page 45 advertisement.jpgx80px

		1981, Almost Blue, Keith Morris
			Almost Blue album cover.jpgPhotocoverdetail.jpgPhotocoverdetail1.jpg

		1982, ]]Imperial Bedroom]], David Bailey
			1982-07-08 Smash Hits photo 01 db.jpg1982-07-03 Melody Maker photo 02 db.jpg1982-07-03 Melody Maker photo 03 db.jpg1982-07-03 Melody Maker photo 04 db.jpg

		1983, Punch The Clock, Nick Knight
			1983-10-00 The Record photo 01 nk.jpg1983-08-09 Boston Phoenix photo 01 nk.jpg1983-07-16 Record Mirror photo 01 nk.jpg

		1984, Goodbye Cruel World, Brian Griffin
			1984-06-21 Smash Hits photo 01 bg.jpgGoodbye Cruel World album cover.jpg

		1985, King Of America, Terence Donovan
			King Of America album cover.jpg1991-07-23 Leidse Courant photo 01 td.jpg

		1986, Blood & Chocolate, Keith Morris
			1986-11-22 Melody Maker photo 01 km.jpg

		1992, The Juliet Letters, Amelia Stein


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