Imperial College Felix, December 14, 1983

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Imperial College Felix

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Punch The Clock

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Peter Rodgers


Once again it was left to Elvis Costello to make the quality album of the year with Punch the Clock. This we expect anyway so it was a real bonus for Costello to abandon his troublesome media image to make several television appearances and grant several interviews, leading to his appearance on the cover of Time Out and The Face in the same week. Strangely it seems to be a combination of an appearance on C4's chaotic and occasionally posy Loose Talk and releasing the scathing "Pills and Soap" single under the guise of the Imposter which heralded this new image. A video of the terrific "Shipbuilding" also started appearing on TV and before anyone knew it Costello had been in the charts and on TOTP twice in as many weeks. The Imposter, was released as a limited edition with the promise of a possible "celebration twelve inch on red vinyl." Costello had further success with "Everyday I Write the Book" although all the singles failed to chart dent the top ten, the album topped the charts and the follow up tour was a success.


Felix, December 14, 1983

Peter Rodgers reviews Punch The Clock.


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