In Dublin, June 13, 1985

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In Dublin

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Richie Taylor

Brucie may have been tops on stage but there was some carry on in the bar at Slane Castle. During the interval we spoke with David Bowie who bought drinks all round and expressed an interest in playing there sometime. Elvis Costello offered us some new demos to record just before he puked on our shoes; Paul McCartney (bet ya didn't know he was there), stuffed himself with smoked salmon and chips much to Linda's disgust. Bob Dylan said that it wasn't nearly as good as last year and we couldn't wake Mick Jagger from under the table for a comment. All the hacks cursed Chris Roche for his stinginess with the passes, as the evening wore on and the alcohol took over cries of "string 'im up" resounded from the battlements. The two hundred Radio Two freeloaders looked on smugly, come the revolution... Meanwhile Bill Graham swanned about in bermuda shorts and an expensive suntan. Spandau Ballet were forcibly ejected for saying they preferred Queen's stage show. Ponces, cads, bet they eat quiche for dinner (instead of breakfast like the rest of us).

Oddball success of the year T-Bone Burnett returns (Stadium 6 July) and Elvis is rumoured to be putting in an appearance; is he stuck for a gig or what? Ricky Scaggs, the Pogues and now this, what's happened to the bleedin' Attractions?

Dublin's most eminent wordsmith Stano moves to London this week, henceforth he'll be known as The Protagonist 28 Nien (ey up, wot's he been taking then) and will have a new album out soon.

The magnificently named Fallen Angels, featuring our own stunning (and magnificently named) Tom Doyle, play the Dublin Underground for the next three Fridays. Y'all be there now. It's summertime again and the first Lark In The Park happens in Blackrock (Sunday 7 July) with the Brush, Flo, Jon Kenny and Light A Big Fire all wearing the greasepaint. The Mood Club terminates its existence (Saturday 15 June) with The Wilderness Years and a special appearance by The Commotion; no more white socks or Levi 63457's (or whatever they're called) in Tommy Dunne's Tavern. The less hirsute 1985 model Tir na nOg play a late night Project Acts Centre wotsit (Friday 14 June).

That's all folks!

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In Dublin, June 13, 1985

Richie Taylor notes EC and Cait's attendance at Bruce Springsteen's Slane Castle concert, June 1, 1985.

Also noted is EC's upcoming appearance with T Bone Burnett, Saturday, July 6, 1985, National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland.


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