In The City, April 1979

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In The City



Armed Forces

Elvis Costello

Kathy Bland

The first thing you notice about this album is the amazing sleeve it comes in. It's really colourful and has sections which you open to get to yer actual Elvis Costello L.P., and free live E.P. And if that isn't enough for good value, enclosed with the E.P. is four "Don't Join" postcards, with a photo of each member of the band on them. After feasting my eyes on all these goodies, I was eager to find out whether the L.P. was as good as the sleeve had me to believe? And folks, y'know it was! Side one kicks off with "Accidents Will Happen," an up-tempo little gem, (this is also on the E.P.), and if Elvis releases another single from this album, my guess is this's one. "Senior Service" has got to be one of my favourites; really brilliant production and who produced it? Well, it had to be didn't it? Nick Lowe of course. Next track is the delightful "Olivers Army," currently doing well as E.C's new single. I was pleased to note, six songs on each side, so there's no chance of getting bored with any track, as they're all fairly short and sweet."Big Boys," is loud and raunchy, "Green shirt" and "Party Girl" are the last two tracks on side one, and I've got to admit, they really left me begging for more! So I turns over the L.P. to find "Goon Squad" a haunting composition, I could honestly picture tanks charging about the countryside (like in those old war films). Next is "Busy Bodies," then "Sundays Best" which is a real catchy song. "Moods For Moderns," "Chemistry Class" and "Two Little Hitlers" are all absorbing and interesting which brings this album to a close. It left me believing what a genuine musical talent E.C. has.


In The City, No. 10, April 1979

Kathy Bland reviews Armed Forces.


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