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Download from FileFactory

The shows are stored in two different formats:

  1. Some shows are available as one rar file for a complete show. It is only necessary to download this rar file into a separate folder, and then un-rar it.
  2. Other shows are a separate folder for each show. Each folder contains all the files for the show, including each track as a separate flac file, md5, ffp, info, etc. It is necessary to download all these files into a separate folder to get the complete show.

Type 1. above is much easier as it only required one file to be downloaded. However, I often find that type 2. can complete downloading faster, especially if all files are downloaded at the same time.

FileFactory Free

I have set up my Premium Account so that you can download using a Free account, but it will work like a premium account. This is called TrafficShare. This means no ads, ability to download many files at once, faster downloads, and no waiting time according to the FileFactory site. There is a limit of 100GB per month of TrafficShare downloads, then it returns to normal conditions for a Free account, which remove these benefits. This applies to most of the files.

FileFactory Premium

This allows MANY files to be downloaded at once. FileFactory Premium is very cheap when there is a special - and this seems to be very often. You get the benefits explained above in the FileFactory Free section above. Also, if a download stops (e.g. you turn off computer), when you come back and start to download again, it resumes from where it stopped previously.

How to Download Many Files at Once

When downloading files from FileFactory, if you have a Premium Account or TrafficShare limit has not been reached for the month, it is easy to download many files at once.

I use Firefox and the add-on called Multi Links. To open many files at once, you simply right click and hold to drag a box around all the links to want to download. When you release the right mouse button, each link will be opened in a separate tab. Each tab should start downloading immediately without any further action. Note when Traffic Share limit is reached, you can only download one file at a time (I believe).

Note that the more files you open at once, the slower will be the download speed for each separate file, as you would expect.

There will be times when my TrafficShare limit of 100GB/month is exceeded, which will mean that then normal conditions of a Free Account apply. I am sorry for this, but these are the standard conditions of the Premium Account.

FileFactory does not provide exceptionally fast downloads, but generally I find them adequate for my needs.

How to Close All New Download Tabs

When I use the Firefox Multi-Link add-on to open all of the files in a folder at once, I am left with say 30 tabs open. It is very tedious to close each of these in turn.

Firefox makes it easy to close all these opened tabs, by right clicking on the appropriate tab and selecting "Close all tabs to the right".

Files Missing

Files have a habit of randomly going missing or stopping working without notice. If this occurs please contact me and I will upload a replacement.

When a files stops working, a link to it often still remains but it does not work. When a replacement file is uploaded, there will then be links to 2 files of the same name, but only one of them will work correctly. You can safely ignore the other link.

Upload to My Filebox

It is possible for you to upload files to my FileFactory Filebox. This is simple to do. I would be pleased to receive any shows that are currently missing, or for a one-file RAR of shows that are currently multiple files in a folder.

Contact me if you would like to try this.