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Older Elvis returns to winning ways

Tony O'Brien

Elvis Costello has recently turned 40. Men of his age are expected to dump silly rock and roll and behave like sensible citizens, perhaps even getting a "proper" job.

Thankfully, Elvis refuses to conform and still continues to make some of the best music around, just as he did 17 years ago with the blistering anthem, "Watching the Detectives."

Now back with the excellent Attractions, Elvis has, as they say, gone back to his roots and is out on the road playing all the old songs again and loving every minute of it.

So too did nearly 3,500 fans in the Point last night. But this is unlike the big scale shows we usually expect: no pyrotechnics or outlandish staging — just four musicians and their instruments performing in front of a plain backdrop.

But then Costello needs no props.

Straight on stage last night and it was down to business. The aching "I Want You" opened where others might have gone for a more upbeat number.

Costello quickly delivers a series of killer punches with the old favourites "Accidents Will Happen," "There's No Action," "Watching the Detectives."

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Irish Independent, December 2, 1994

Tony O'Brien reviews Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Thursday, December 1, 1994, Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland.


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