Irish Post, May 7, 1994

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Irish Post
  • 1994 May 7

UK & Ireland newspapers


Playing unhappy families

Martin Doyle

Roddy Doyle's new television drama which begins this week is a surprisingly serious and often brutal portrayal of family breakdown. Martin Doyle finds out if it signals a change of direction for the author.


A much appreciated added dimension to Family is the soundtrack provided by Elvis Costello, who met producer Andrew Eaton and Roddy Doyle on Eaton's documentary on The Commitments back in 1987. Roddy is a big fan of Costello's work on GBH and another Bleasdale serial, Scully. An English reviewer wonders to general merriment if it is a coincidence that Charlo's son is called John Paul and Elvis sings two Lennon and McCartney songs on the soundtrack. I suggest he is more likely to be named after the Pope, whatever about the comparison John Lennon once drew.

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The Irish Post, May 7, 1994

EC is mentioned in Martin Doyle's interview with Family writer Roddy Doyle.


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