Irish Times, December 2, 1986

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Elvis Costello at the Olympia

Dave Fanning

One down, two to go. The three eagerly awaited concerts — all sell-outs, all different and all at Dublin's most intimate venue — should prove a real threat for the fans if last night's first night is any indication.

Elvis Costello has not only rightly be regarded as rock music's least trend-conscious musician and its most tenaciously individualistic performer but also, time and again, he has proved himself the artist most with the "evasive heart of popular music."

He opened with arguably his best-ever number and by the third song, the up-to-the-minute "Tokyo Storm Warning" travelogue story, we knew what to expect — Elvis and the Attractions on top form for a barnstorming session.

If, as he admits himself, "I'll Wear It Proudly" is the most open, unqualified love song he's ever written, then last night's version of the current single "I Want You" must be marked down as one of the most brooding highly-charged epics ever written about the obsessive side of lost love.

With ever-loaded phrase he delivered a perfect mix of the well-chosen derision and venom of old with the echoed drums and the relentless Farfisa organ serving to drag the audience to the very centre of Costello's vision and eventually into the palm of his hand.

Stay tuned for part two; tonight it's Elvis, minus the Attractions plus a "mystery guest" or two.

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The Irish Times, December 2, 1986

Dave Fanning reviews Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Monday, December 1, 1986, Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland.


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