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Charles Morgan Post

Elvis Costello and The Attractions will be in concert at Ben Light Gym on April 4 at 9 pm. After weeks of work with the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Safety and Security; and the Physical Plant, the Bureau of Concerts was pleased to announce the upcoming concert, said Chairperson of the I.C. Bureau of Concerts Geoff Patack.

The Bureau of Concerts has had trouble scheduling concerts this semester, continued Patack. The problem is twofold, he explained. "The first problem is that there are very few groups that tour during the winter. The second is limited hall availability." In order to break even financially, the concert must be held in all four sections of Ben Light Gym, intensifying scheduling problems.

"The problem is not the school of HPER, the Bureau of Concerts, or the Student Activities Board, the problem is a lack of facilities on campus," explained Dr. Richard Correnti, Vice President of Student and Campus Affairs. The priorities for the use of Ben Light Gym are class instruction, intramurals and inter collegiate activities, general campus recreation, college sponsored activities, and non-college activities. According to these priorities, concerts are ranked fourth, therefore during the winter when the majority of sports are held indoors, scheduling a concert is very difficult.

"I asked the Provost if we can review the entire (gym priority) process. I think it's time to take another look," said William Koch, Dean of the School of HPER. "I am going to be sitting down with representatives of SAB, the Bureau of Concerts, the Director of Campus Activities, and people from HPER to attempt to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Hopefully we can reach a decision this semester to be implemented next fall, said Correnti.


The Ithacan, February 15, 1979

Charles Morgan Post reports Elvis Costello & The Attractions will perform April 4, 1979, Ben Light Gym, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York.


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