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Elvis Costello in Ithaca

Eva Grodberg

Throughout the history of rock 'n' roll, musicians have been promoted, not only in the way of their musical talents, but also by the image which they portray. The Rolling Stones, who have always been thought of as decadent street fighters, once resorted to such publicity as, "would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?" The Grateful Dead is notorious for both its "tribal family" and many late-sixties events for which the group was responsible of course. David Bowie will be long remembered for his chameleon-like stage presence and androgynous facade.

None of these images, however, can compare to the weirdness of Elvis Costello, who will he performing at Ithaca College's Ben Light Gym on April 4th. Costello's image (or is it his personality?) is quite unique. As a New Wave artist, he incorporates characteristics of punk with Traditional rock 'n' roll. His music is reminiscent of Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, and Little Richard but he brings punk's viciousness and anger into his lyrics. Because of this unusual composition it is actually difficult to classify Costello's brand of music, a fact that he takes pride in.

Costello has also displayed a most interesting personality. He rarely gives interviews and refuses to explain himself or his music. Costello feels that there is an an to brief expression, therefore; most of his songs are brief, lasting no longer Mail three minutes.

In 1977, Costello delivered two albums. The first, My Aim is True, was named an "Album of the Year" by Rolling Stone Magazine. The second album, entitled This Year's Model, sold almost 300,000 copies in the month it was released. Costello's new album, Armed Forces, with its hit single "Accidents May Happen," is now racing up record charts everywhere.

Costello began to write his own songs after high school. He attempted to get a contract with any record company that would take him, to no avail. Finally, in 1976, he gave a tape of his songs to Stiff Records, an independent label. Costello was signed by the company and his first album was released on the Stiff label. In the summer of 1977, he attracted the attention of CBs record executives, who were in London for a convention. Although he was arrested for playing his guitar in the streets, thus creating a public disturbance. Costello was given a CBS contract.

If Costello's street behavior is any indication of his stage presence, Ithaca College is in for quite a unique show. Costello is rumored to have put on some pretty interesting performances. Regrettably, the audience must rely solely the memory of this show. Costello has explicitly stipulated, in his contract with Bureau of Concerts (BOC) that no photographers will be allowed in to the show. Any persons with photographic equipment will be prohibited from entering the gym. BOC emphasizes that it is not responsible for any "accidents (that) may happen" to photographic equipment that should mysteriously "find itself" inside the gym.


The Ithacan, March 29, 1979

Eva Grodberg profiles EC ahead of his concert with The Attractions, Wednesday, April 4, 1979, Ben Light Gym, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.

David Spiegelman, Mark Felix, Peter Baron review Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Friday, March 23, 1979, Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY.


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Elvis in Syracuse called incredible

David Spiegelman, Mark Felix, Peter Baron

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Friday evening, we had the opportunity to attend the hottest show of the year. Elvis Costello and The Attractions played to a sold out, standing room audience at Syracuse's Landmark Theatre. From the time Costello appeared on stage until the end of the second encore, the crowd did not once take advantage of its chairs. Instead, the audience stood in the aisles, cheering and applauding as the band swiftly moved from song to song with infrequent interruptions and pauses. Costello's vocals were strong and captivating as he mesmerized the audience with his tantalizing blend of songs, including "Radio, Radio," "Watching the Detectives," "Alison," and the new single "Accidents Will Happen."

Only four musicians including Elvis on guitar and lead vocals; Steve Naive on keyboards; Pete Thomas on drums; and Bruce Thomas on bass, sounded more like a band twice its size as it reached dynamic crescendos throughout the performance. Costello belted out his lyrics in a manner which further proves that he is indeed, the new King. The lighting was Just as spectacular and as tight as the band, creating appropriate moods in accordance with the ever-changing beat.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions will be appearing at Ithaca College in the Ben Light Gym on Wednesday April 4th,at 9:00 pm. Tickets are still available for this incredible show. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to see Elvis Costello here in Ithaca.

Rubinoos to warm up for Elvis Costello

The Ithacan

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The Rubinoos will open the concert for Elvis Costello and the Attractions. The Rubinoos are: lead vocalist Jon Rubin who also plays the rhythm guitar; guitarist Tommy Dunbar who plays guitar and keyboards, and sings; bassist Royce Ader; and drummer Donn Spindt.

Both Ader and Spindt are backing vocalists. In 1977 they recorded their debut album, The Rubinoos, on Berserkley Records. A single from this album reached number 45 on national chart. The Rubinoos have also released another album Back to the Drawing Board.

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