John Harle: Terror And Magnificence

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Terror And Magnificence album
John Harle Terror And Magnificence album cover.jpg
compilation by
John Harle & various artists
ReleasedMay 13, 1997
RecordedNovember 3, 1995 - February 24, 1996
ProducerAndrew Cornall
LabelLondon / Argo / Polygram

1997 album by John Harle includes Elvis Costello vocals on five songs: "Illyria," "O Mistress Mine," "Come Away, Death," "When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy" and "Terror And Magnificence."


TitlePerformer Length
1. Illyria  John Harle featuring Elvis Costello 3:39
2. O Mistress Mine  John Harle featuring Elvis Costello 4:03
3. Come Away, Death  John Harle featuring Elvis Costello 4:28
4. When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy  John Harle featuring Elvis Costello 5:10
5. Terror And Magnificence  John Harle featuring Elvis Costello and Andy Sheppard 20:06
6. Since First I Saw Your Face  John Harle featuring Andy Sheppard 3:50
7. The Three Ravens  John Harle 5:37
8. How Should I My True Love Know?  John Harle 4:53
9. Hunting the Hare  John Harle 7:28
10. Rosie-Blood (Sederunt)  John Harle 13:32

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