Just A Curio

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In the cold pale sunlight that was slanting down, I spied
Frost reflecting on the glass and in the air outside
Fond relations mouthing words of love and tragedy
Though it's cold there's vapour rising from a moving stream

In a narrow, shallow bed of fine linen and starch
Where her long hair tumbled once upon her graceful arch
Lace hung on the counters and the walnut cabinets
Teeth ware chattering like schoolgirls clicking castanets

There will be no light to guide as you ascend the stairs
There may be a candle as you kneel and say your prayers
Throw the window wide and open, keep this mark from me
Just the letter "T" and its most dread companion "B"

How in heaven? Hadn't it been conquered long ago?
How did it come back again? It's just a curio

Just A Curio
Words byElvis Costello
Music byFleshquartet
Performed byAnne Sofie von Otter meets Elvis Costello
Produced byElvis Costello
Arranged byFleshquartet
MusiciansAnne Sofie von Otter - vocal
Jonas Lindgren - violin, electric 5-string violin
Örjan Högberg - viola, electric 5-string violin
Mattias Helldén - cello, electric cello
Sebastian Öberg - cello, electric cello
Christian Olsson - drums, percussion
Johan Lindström - pedal steel guitar
RecordedFleshquartet recorded September 23-27, 2000, Fleshland, Stockholm
Possible additional recording October 2000-January 2001, Atlantis Grammophon AB, Stockholm, Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, and Westside Studios, London
ReleasedMarch 19, 2001
AlbumsFor The Stars, 2001

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