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Mieto Levy
Kontra Mieto Levy album cover.jpg
studio album by
Released1979 (LP)
2005 (CD reissue)
LabelGold Disc (LP)
Zum Teufel! (CD reissue)
CD back cover, inlay card and disc.

2005 reissue by Kontra includes a cover of "Girls Talk" sung in Finnish as "Flipperirakastaja."


1979 LP
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Olen Batman? ("Power Boogie," Elephant's Memory)Stanley Bronstein 3:23
2. Ensirakkaus ("The First Time We Fall In Love," The Kinks)Ray Davies 3:41
3. Iloinen Tiede ("I Can Only Give You Everything," The Troggs)Tommy Scott & Phil Coulter 3:11
4. Bändin Paras ("The Leader Of The Band," Steve Gibbons Band)Steve Gibbons 3:44
5. Onomatopoeettinen Alkoholiliike  Moog Konttinen 2:06
6. Autolla Kanarian Saarille  Irwin Goodman / Emil von Retee 2:24
7. Kultakuume ("Atta Boy Girl," Roger Miller)R.F. Miller 1:55
8. Pikku Punahilkka ("Lil'l Red Riding Hood," Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs)Ronald Blackwell 2:59
9. Tatuointi ("Tattoo," The Who)Pete Townshend 2:43
10. Erika  Niel von Herms 2:43
11. Hyvästi Mauri ("Goodbye Eddie," Paul Williams)Paul Williams 3:18
2005 reissue bonus tracks
TitleWriter(s) Length
12. Åland ("Hawaii," The Beach Boys)Brian Wilson, Mike Love 2:00
13. Flipperirakastaja ("Girls Talk," Dave Edmunds)Elvis Costello 3:07
14. Joulu Auschwitzissä (performed by Moog & Morkoonit)Moog Konttinen & Timo Huovinen 2:08
15. Kellopeli Omena (performed by Moog & Morkoonit)Moog Konttinen & Timo Huovinen 2:15
16. Reekanin Syytä (performed by Kylmä Rinki)K. Kuitunen, M. Konttinen, K. Rinki 3:12
17. Hottentotin Uusi Laulu (performed by Kylmä Rinki)M. Miettinen, M. Konttinen, K. Rinki 2:25
18. ET-Etiäinen ("Ten Little Indians," performed by Kylmä Rinki)trad., Moog Konttinen, Kylmä Rinki 2:15
19. Väännä Ja Huuda ("Twist And Shout," performed by Kylmä Rinki)Phil Medley, Bert Russell 2:08


  • Moog Konttinen - vocals
  • Eetu Tuominen - guitars & vocals
  • Vaari Peltonen - guitars & vocals
  • Jyrki K. Melartin - bass & vocals
  • Kari "Hohdin" Holm - drums

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  • Finnish lyrics on English covers by Moog Konttinen except on:
    • #4 by Veltto Virtanen, Moog Konttinen
    • #19 by Moog Konttinen, Kylmä Rinki

Release info

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1979-__-__ LP Gold Disc GDL 2018 Finland
1979-__-__ MC Gold Disc GDK 2018 Finland
2005-__-__ CD Zum Teufel! ZUMCD-001 Finland

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