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Posted by Beeg

Le son de Simon

Decent tribute at the jazz festival. Enjoyable, but hit and miss. A setlist and some first impressions

( extract)

Elvis Costello Peace Like A River. First live performance by anyone ever? Maybe. Nice rendition. No crazy guitar solo. Elvis is a great interpreter of songs. Nicely done.

Elvis brings out Allen Toussaint for... American Tune. Nice. Good acoustic guitar from the band. Drums were too much.

Elvis leaves and Allen introduces Zachary Richard. They nail Take Me To The Mardi Gras. Richard's falsetto is great. Nice extended coda from the better than average horn section.

For the finale, some of the JB Pumped singers, who had been on a line up a flight of stairs that formed the back of the stage, came forward and did a slow, foot-tapping version of Slip Slidin' Away. They must have sang it three or four times, allowing the band to take a much-deserved bow, followed by all the performers (or most; I don't think I saw Elvis Costello). Lovely performance.