Liberty Street

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He came from the old religion
But possessed no magic skill
Descending from machinery
He left nothing in his will
The crops are failing
The women wailing
It’s in the paper at your feet
Six months in Kansas City
Down on Liberty Street

It was sad to see it
That little lady going in
Arrested for arson
Once they’d asked her where she’d been
Down on her knees
Not even a breeze
Another victim of the heat
Six months in Kansas City
Down on Liberty Street

Things sure don’t look too pretty
Cause a man to rob and steal
I got a full six more months out here
Can’t be begging for my meals
Now look here Baby Snooks
Doesn’t matter what books
You keep underneath your seat
Six months in Kansas City
Down on Liberty Street

Liberty Street
Written byBob Dylan and Taylor Goldsmith
Performed byThe New Basement Tapes
Produced byT Bone Burnett
MusiciansTaylor Goldsmith - lead vocal, piano
Elvis Costello - bass
Rhiannon Giddens - fiddle
Jim James - electric guitar, mellotron
Marcus Mumford - drums
Jay Bellerose - drums
S.I. Istwa - background vocal
Jessica Kiley - background vocal
Megan Lovell - background vocal
Rebecca Lovell - background vocal
ReleasedOctober 27, 2014 (download)
AlbumsLost On The River: The New Basement Tapes, 2014

First known performance:
November 13, 2014, Los Angeles, CA
Last known performance:
December 3, 2014, World Café
     (2 known performances)

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