Live At Hollywood High UICY-94478 (2010) SHM CD

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Live At Hollywood High
Released2010 (Japan release) SHM CD
Replica LP Card Sleeve
LabelHip-O / Universal (Japan 2010)
Cat. No.UICY-94478
Bonus tracksNone
OBI"Elvis Costello Live"
  • Limited Edition / Numbered / Remastered
  • High quality audio SHM CD / Mini LP replica card sleeve
  • "Elvis Costello Live" OBI

Live At Hollywood High

TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Accidents Will Happen  Elvis Costello 3:29
2. Mystery Dance  Elvis Costello 2:02
3. Lip Service  Elvis Costello 2:44
4. Living In Paradise  Elvis Costello 3:31
5. Goon Squad  Elvis Costello 3:59
6. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes  Elvis Costello 2:40
7. Party Girl  Elvis Costello 2:56
8. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea  Elvis Costello 4:40
9. This Year's Girl  Elvis Costello 3:46
10. No Action  Elvis Costello 2:08
11. Stranger In The House  Elvis Costello 4:09
12. The Beat  Elvis Costello 3:36
13. Alison  Elvis Costello 3:05
14. Lipstick Vogue  Elvis Costello 4:18
15. Watching The Detectives  Elvis Costello 5:59
16. You Belong To Me  Elvis Costello 2:38
17. Radio, Radio  Elvis Costello 2:28
18. Pump It Up  Elvis Costello 4:30
19. Waiting For The End Of The World  Elvis Costello 4:32
20. Miracle Man  Elvis Costello 5:05


Included in this release:
3" Replica card sleeve of original Free EP SAM 90
5" Card replica A and B side labels of original Free EP SAM 90 (with Ltd. Edition Number bottom right)
Black and White paper lyric fold-out including spoken text between tracks
9 1/2" x 9 1/2" Mini glossy poster fold-out of EC & The Attractions under the "Hollywood High" Billboard

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