Lodi News-Sentinel, September 26, 2003

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Rich Harris / AP

Never shy about experimentation, Elvis Costello applies his lyrical scalpel and considerable voice talent exclusively to the ballad on his new album, North.

Eleven tracks, all written by Costello, chart a course from wounded to recovered. This is material that dances on the edge of maudlin without falling. The fifth song, "Fallen" carries off a perilous autumn-leaves metaphor on the strength of Costello’s baritone and simple piano chords with a touch of strings.

Even casual fans – who may have skipped his collaborations with the Brodsky Quartet or Burt Bacharach – have seen glimmers of this side of Costello in songs such as "Allison" or "Shipbuilding."

But the tendency here is more contemplative – a shade slower and more lush. Not quite so angry (though still unforgiving of his own foibles.) Perhaps sadder, but wiser, too. We are all the richer for that.


Lodi News-Sentinel, September 26, 2003

Rich Harris reviews North.


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