London Daily Mirror, June 11, 1983

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Costello protests

Dave Jensen

Extract from Dave Jensen's Saturday Spin column:

Elvis Costello told me at Top Of The Pops on Wednesday that people have misunderstood the lyrics to his single "Pills and Soap" — which he released under the alias of The Imposter.

He says: "The title is not about drugs as some people think. The title refers to what we turn animal by-products into."

The song was written after Elvis saw the controversial Channel 4 documentary, Animals.

"It's a protest about Society's misuse of all animals — humans included!"

Although the single is Elvis's most successful for some time, it was deleted last Thursday.


Daily Mirror, June 11, 1983

Dave Jensen talks to EC about "Pills And Soap."


1983-06-11 London Daily Mirror clipping 01.jpg
Clipping from Talking In The Dark, January 1984.

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