London Guardian, May 5, 1989

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The surrogate Lennon

Bruce Dessau

Whenever it seems that Elvis Costello has slipped back into the wallpaper of pop he bounces back with a vengeance.

This year's album, Spike, was no exception. His unlikely collaboration with McCartney — the iconoclast meets the icon — even yielded an insidiously infectious hit single in "Veronica."

In many respects the partnership made perfect artistic sense, certainly more than the McCartney/Michael Jackson alliance of a few years back. Apart from being fellow Liverpudlians, Costello's role as the lyrical sour to McCartney's sweetness suggested nothing more than his elevation to the position of a surrogate Lennon.

On much of Spike, Costello echoes Lennon's barbed wit, most notably on "God's Comic," where he paints a picture of a debased world where airport novelettes and Andrew Lloyd Webber represent high art.

He begins his four-Sunday residency at the Palladium this weekend and starts a full provincial tour at the Royal Court in Liverpool on Wednesday and Thursday next week.


The Guardian, May 5, 1989

Bruce Dessau reviews Spike and notes the start of the 1989 UK Tour, Sunday, May 7, 1989, London Palladium, the first date in a month of Sundays at the venue.


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