Look At The Time, No. 1, 1977

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Look At The Time
  • 1977 No. 1



Elvis is dead, long live Elvis

Elvis Costello / My Aim Is True

T Deum

It's a mysterious world, we lose one Elvis and are immediately provided with a replacement. A whole bunch of great songs, all different, all interesting, each one a gem. A pleasure to hear someone who needs to write songs, not forced to by a record company contract. You can feel the vitality in the music — this bloke enjoys himself. Listen to the lyrics and you realise many of the songs were born of a lot of suffering — "I felt so happy I could die, she said drop dead and left with another guy." But don't let that bother you cos he's obviously having a good time now. The best songs are "Less than Zero" (obviously) "Alison," "Red Shoes" and "I'm not angry." Buy at least one.


Look At The Time, No. 1, 1977

T Deum reviews My Aim Is True.

Ian Sane reviews "Red Shoes."


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Cover and page scans.

Red Shoes

Elvis Costello

Ian Sane

1977-09-00 Look At The Time page 04.jpg

What can you say ? Third cut from the LP, and third potential No. 1. Make Elvis rich; BUY one.


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