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Mark My Words



The Best Of Elvis Costello The First 10 Years

Mark My Words

I have to admit, I don't know a lot about Elvis Costello and his music. I've always known who he is, and I've heard for a long time that he's really awesome, but for whatever reason I had never really listened to him.

Getting into Nick Lowe really made me make the final jump and actually buy an Elvis CD, so I recently bought The Best of Elvis Costello - The First 10 Years. It's awesome. Now I'm beginning to understand why people like this guy! He matches catchy melodies to literate, intelligent lyrics, how can you go wrong? He's also British, so that gives him like 10 extra coolness points right there. (Why are all the cool people British? Someone needs to look into this.)

Anyway, I'm blown away by Elvis's lyrics, here are some samples, thanks to the CD booklet: (extra credit will be given to those who can name which songs these come from)

"Oh, I said, 'I'm so happy, I could die.' She said 'Drop dead,' then left with another guy."

"Sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talking when I hear the silly things that you say."

"You snatch a tune, you match a cigarette, she pulls the eyes out with a face like a magnet."

"They say you better listen to the voice of reason, but they don't give you any choice."

"And I would rather be anywhere else but here today."

"The long arm of the law slides up the outskirts of town."

"Her body moves with malice, do you have to be so cruel to be callous?"

"There's a girl here and she's almost you."

"All your compliments and your cutting remarks are captured here in my quotation marks."

"She said that she was working for the ABC news, it was as much of the alphabet as she knew how to use."

"And though the sparks would fly, I thought our love was fireproof."

"It's the stupid details that my heart is breaking for, it's the way your shoulders shake and what they're shaking for."

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Mark My Words, November 23, 2008

Mark My Words reviews The Best Of Elvis Costello The First 10 Years.


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