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Get Happy!!

Elvis Costello

John Teerds

Elvis Costello is another performer who has proved his staying power.

His Get Happy album (F Beat Records, XXLP1), recorded with the Attractions, contains 20 excellent compositions which reinforce Costello's status among top contemporary songwriters.

Get Happy takes several plays to get used to and it is only then that the distinctive artistry of each song becomes apparent.

Side two is the best with quieter songs such as "Secondary Modern" and "New Amsterdam" and others such as "Opportunity" and "High Fidelity" among the standout tracks.

The technical difficulties of putting more than one hour of music on an album are worth noting. Despite an album sleeve note from producer Nick Lowe saying that no hi-fi quality has been lost, there are records around that have a much cleaner sound.

Costello himself has admitted that the quality was not the best possible but says that he does not write or perform for an audience that can afford expensive stereo systems.

He says the music is intended more for AM listeners — the punk on the street with a transistor against his ear.

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The Age, Green Guide, April 24, 1980

John Teerds reviews Get Happy!!.


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