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The Boy Named If

Elvis Costello and the Imposters

John O'Brien

3-stars (out of 4) reviews3-stars (out of 4) reviews3-stars (out of 4) reviews3-stars (out of 4) reviews

In our uncertain times you can always count on Elvis Costello to deliver the familiar goods. While others might cop flak for being unadventurous, his sheer songmanship and pop sensibility shine through. "Farewell, OK" takes us back to the golden age of rock 'n' roll, while on "My Most Beautiful Mistake" Costello sings: "He's a one hit wunderkind." "The Difference" is the resident melodic ear worm, while "Penelope" could be a modern-day "Veronica." There are the ominous strains of the title track, and heartfelt ballad "Paint the Red Rose Blue," while "The Man You Love to Hate" has an old-time parlour feel.

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The Herald Sun, January 30, 2022

John O'Brien reviews The Boy Named If.


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