Melody Maker, August 18, 1984

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Melody Maker


I Wanna Be Loved

Elvis Costello

Dessa Fox

A video of the purest ray serene. The central idea — EC lodged in a photo booth as well-wishers intrude, kiss, and leave — is so plaintively simple that only artists possessed of a certain humility would ever think of it. Here, for once, we are far from the high-pitched noises of Busby Berkeley egos. Here, for once, the glam pedlars, sequin doctors, and smoke-machine beauticians have all been persuaded to leave. Meanwhile, El directs all the dignity he can muster to one equally lonesome lens.

And Costello proves to be a Truly Great Screen Presence — sighing, clutching his head, and in general caught up in a lonely lockjaw of the spirit that doesn't so much depress us as it makes his performance memorable.

"I Wanna Be Loved" is the work of directors Evan English and Paul Goldman, a pair of talented Australians collectively known as the Rich Kids (no relation to Scots with pencil moustaches). People like this should be in films.

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Melody Maker, August 18, 1984

Dessa Fox reviews the video for "I Wanna Be Loved."


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