Melody Maker, February 14, 1981

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Melody Maker


Elvis speaks (shock, horror...)

David Fricke

It was a mellow Elvis Costello that made his first American television appearance in more than three years on the NBC late night talk show Tomorrow.

When host Tom Snyder asked Elvis why he didn't appear more on TV chat shows, Elvis bluntly replied bluntly "I've never really been asked," and explained that when be did NBC's Saturday Night Live in 1977, they asked him never to came back.

Otherwise, Elvis was quite congenial and talkative in the face of some rather ridiculous questions from Snyder, who asked him what it was like being a computer operator and if he loved his dad.

Elvis did do an amusing impression of a record company exec, revealed his big songwriting influences were Cole Porter and Hank Williams, and said he used to play gigs with his father — a dance band leader — "but I couldn't stay in tune."

The Attractions got their two cents in when Elvis and the band played two songs from Trust, "New Lace Sleeves" and "Watch Your Step."

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Melody Maker, February 14, 1981

David Fricke reports on EC & The Attractions appearance on Tomorrow Coast To Coast, Tuesday, February 3, 1981.

Page 15 features an ad for the 1981 UK Tour To Trust.


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