Melody Maker, February 19, 1994

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Melody Maker


Attractive tour

Melody Maker

Elvis Costello, who is close to confirming a headlining appearance at this year's Glastonbury, has lined up a full tour with The Attractions — marking their first dates together for eight years.

The shows follow the release of the Brutal Youth album which was exclusively previewed by The Maker two weeks ago.

A single from the album, "Sulky Girl," backed by two non-LP cuts, "Idiophone" and "A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety," is released by WEA on February 21.

Meanwhile, shows kick off at the London Royal Albert Hall on July 5 and 6, continuing at Liverpool Royal Court (12), Newcastle City Hall (13) and Glasgow Barrowlands (14).

Ticket prices vary between £10.50 and a whopping £19.50. They go on sale from February 18.

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Melody Maker, February 19, 1994

Melody Maker previews upcoming tour dates.

Penn Jillette talks about records that changed his life, including Trust.


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Penn Jillette

talks about the records that changed his life

Melody Maker

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Elvis Costello, Trust
"Once again, we have rock 'n' roll ____ ____ ____ to condescend to. Elvis Costello ____ ____ _____ same way Cole Porter did. You ____ ____ write pop songs that put in maybe too-smart references, and maybe if you do it all fast enough no one will notice that there's a certain facile quality. Trust really meant a lot to me. I remember how much time I was willing to put in to translate things like "The one over the eight / Seems less like one / And more like four". Boy, if you grew up in America, you try figuring that one out."

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