Melody Maker, February 2, 1980

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Melody Maker


Costello dusts off

Melody Maker

As the dust settles around the peacemaking deal between Elvis Costello, Jake Riviera's F-Beat label and Warner Bros, few concrete details of the pact have been made available.

Warners say little except to deny that the deal was for marketing and distribution.

F-Beat, which follows in the footsteps of Radar Records, now absorbed wholly by WEA, said: "We will be doing all our marketing, promotion and advertising ourselves, and WEA will press and distribute the records. The deal is completely separate from the previous Radar agreement."

So far only Costello and the Attractions are signed to F-Beat but Riviera aims to sign Nick Lowe soon and plans to add Dave Edmunds to the stable when he is free from his contract with Swan Song.

Costello's first F-Beat single, "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down", is out next Friday, and the album, Get Happy, follows a week later.

Meanwhile, three alterations have been made to the Costello and the Attractions tour — Fishguard Frenchmans Motel has been added on March 15, Aberystwyth has been cancelled the following day, and the Leamington gig on March 28 is now the Royal Spa Centre.

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Melody Maker, February 2, 1980

Melody Maker reports on the resolution of legal issues between F-Beat and WEA; the upcoming releases of "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" and Get Happy!!; and changes to upcoming tour dates.


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