Melody Maker, January 9, 1982

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Melody Maker


Almost who?

Patrick Humphries

Well, he may be the hottest hunk of C&W this side of Ernest Tubb over here, but over there, Elvis Costello don't mean diddley squat to the good ol' boys.

Snatching up handfuls of critical bouquets before Christmas, ol' four eyes was due in to his adopted city of Nashville early in the New Year set to rock the stetsons back where the wild coyote calls.

He was originally thought to be playing the Grand Ole Opry, the home of country music, but it turned out to be the Opry Theatre, which was not part of the famous radio show, and was not opened by sometime president Nixon.

Costello's Almost Blue album has not been well received in and around Nashville; the general view is that he isn't a country singer and it's not a country record. CBS, after a trial run, decided not to bother sending review copies to country radio stations.

Ticket sales for the Opry show were disappointing but Elvis plugged ahead and the lonesome whistle blew in Nashville on Monday night.

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Melody Maker, January 9, 1982

Patrick Humphries reports on the reception of Almost Blue and the concert in Nashville, January 3, 1982.


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