Melody Maker, July 20, 1996

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Melody Maker


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Melody Maker

Elvis Costello has teamed up with Sleeper, Tricky and Lush for bonus tracks featured in the series of four singles he's releasing on a weekly basis throughout July.

Each of the four singles features a different track from his current album, All This Useless Beauty, and all four additionally feature "Almost Ideal Eyes" plus further otherwise unavailable tracks.

The series of singles began last week with "Little Atoms," and continues this week with "Other End Of The Telescope." Third in the series is "Distorted Angel," released by WEA on July 22. and featuring Lush's cover of "All This Useless Beauty" among the bonus tracks.

The Tricky and Sleeper collaborations appear on the final single in the series, with the lead track being Costello's own version of "All This Useless Beauty." Released on July 29, it includes a Tricky remix of "Distorted Anger" and a Sleeper cover of "Other End Of The Telescope."

Meanwhile, Costello's second date at the London Chalk Farm Roundhouse, originally scheduled for July 7, has now been rearranged for July 27.

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Melody Maker, July 20, 1996

Melody Maker reports on the series of weekly singles in July, featuring bonus tracks by Lush, Sleeper and Tricky.


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