Melody Maker, June 12, 1982

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Melody Maker


You Little Fool

Elvis Costello

Michael Dudley, Adrian Borland

Dudley: I preferred him when he was plundering Stax. I thought Get Happy was an excellent album, but he's lost his teeth now and he's trying to find them amidst a fog of old psychedelic effects that got chucked in the bin ages ago.

Adrian: When you talk about a Costello record, you're not talking about whether it's good or bad, it's a question of whether you like it or not. And, as he slagged "Silent Air," I think it's.... only joking. It's good radio music, will get a lot of airplay and probably become a hit. Why are we bothering to talk about it in special terms? He's not worth it. It's not bad. That's all.

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Melody Maker, June 12, 1982

Guest singles reviewers Michael Dudley, Adrian Borland and Graham Green of The Sound review the single for "You Little Fool."

Also includes an interview with The Bluebells.


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Cover and page scan.
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The Bluebells Interview




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