Melody Maker, June 26, 1982

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Melody Maker


Elvis in the mood

Melody Maker

That normally terse young man Elvis Costello was in remarkably affable mood when he continued his bid for a bloodless coup of Radio 1 with an appearance on Monday's Kid Jenson Show, previewing tracks from his forthcoming album, Imperial Bedroom.

Nashville firmly out of his system, Elvoid has seemingly rediscovered his genius for relaying torment and angst, and two ballads in particular, "Man Out Of Time" and "Town Crier," sounded perfectly fab.

He said he'd sent one of the tunes ("Honeymoon") to Sammy Cahn to lyricise, but Sammy couldn't handle it so he did the job himself.

Conversation touched on the music press ("a load of rubbish mostly"), the cad from Another Paper who'd secretly "interviewed" him with a cassette recorder strapped to his chest ("nobody has much respect for that particular guy") and London Weekend Television's spectacular on the Nashville experience ("an interesting hour's TV").

The great man also raved about Pauline Black and the new Echo and the Bunnymen single and revealed he was planning an extensive UK tour in September...

Still on Elvis, a fast pigeon from the colonies reached us last week with news of the final gig of his Australasian tour. Reader Jan Newby tells us that at his Wellington Town Hall show, New Zealand, one punter was keen to sing a1ong with old four-eyes, but unfortunately for him he was usually two bars ahead. Which prompted the snarl from Costello: "Hey you, if you've got a problem, take it outside."

The Attractions played a two-hour show with two encores. Later that same week, New Zealand were trounced 5-2 by Scotland in the World Cup.

Meanwhile, though, Elvis has been busy getting all excited about the NZ World Cup team single on Round Table ...

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Melody Maker, June 26, 1982

Melody Maker reports on EC's appearance on the Kid Jenson Show.


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