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Melody Maker


You belong to me

Melody Maker

More rock trivia: "You Belong To Me," the flip side of Elvis' new fab 45, "(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea," was written originally — we're sure you'll be simply enthralled to learn — for the Feelgoods. It was commissioned by Nick Lowe who produced the F Goods' Be Seeing You album.

Basher thought, apparently, that the Feelgoods' repertoire could be brightened up by the inclusion of some new songs from the pens of hotshot new rock 'n' roll writers. Elvis, Graham Parker and Will Birch were all approached. Elvis' effort at least got as far as the recording studio before it was abandoned.

The Feelgoods had no actual criticism of the song; they'd be the first to agree that it's an ace choon. It was simply that, like a lot of El's songs, it was rather, ahem, wordy. Too wordy for Lee Brilleaux, at least.

It was only at the insistence of Lowe that Lee persevered with the song: "Awright Bash ... one more time," he'd say wearily as he attempted once more to master the lyrics. Lowe remembers him standing in the studio at the microphone, scanning the endless verses on the lyric sheet and finally tossing it aside with an exasperated "Ere, Bash, let's ditch this song ... it's a bit War'n'Piece, innit?"

Lowe also presented the Feelgoods with an unrecorded Tom Petty song (Tom was pretty hot at the time). "Hold up," said Brilleaux. "Tom Petty? He's got long blonde hair and looks like a woman." No more was said.

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Melody Maker, March 4, 1978

Melody Maker reveals that "You Belong To Me" was originally written for Dr. Feelgood's Be Seeing You album.

Ian Birch reviews the single for "(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea."

Also includes a report on the Elvis Costello concert, January 31, St. Louis, Missouri.


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Chelsea boy

Elvis Costello / (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea

Ian Birch

The man is an incredible talent. He pioneered a kind of white boy roots reggae on "Watching The Detectives" last year and further develops that here.

The title itself is almost enough (I'm a sucker for such trappings). A beautiful heaving bass and side-stepping organ underpins Costello, whose mixture of vitriol, desperation and hurt is as exhilarating as it ever was.

The sedate smugness of Chelsea and all it stands for is ripped apart. "She's last year's model / They call her Natasha / Well, she looks like Elsie." Once again Nick Lowe keeps it all rough, ready and dynamic.

The flip incidentally, "You Belong To Me," was originally written for Dr. Feelgood when Lowe commissioned Elvis, Will Birch and Graham Parker to donate a number (or two) towards Be Seeing You. the project never did materialise.

Elvis Costello

St. Louis


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Elvis Costello & the Attractions —— Tuesday, January 31, 1978, River Days, St. Louis, Missouri —— 2nd US Tour


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